Orion StarShoot G4 Monochrome Deep Space Imaging Camera
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Packed with high-performance features like regulated cooling to 20-degrees below ambient and the impressive Sony ICX829ALA mono CCD sensor, the StarShoot G4 Monochrome Camera will help you capture detailed images of deep space and more.
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  • More Info
    • Our latest Monochrome Deep Space Imaging Camera is loaded with high-performance features usually found in much pricier imaging devices
    • Regulated thermoelectric cooling (TEC) keeps camera sensor at least 20-degrees below ambient temperature to eliminate noise
    • StarShoot G4 cameras make it easy to match dark frames night to night, and even hour to hour for impeccable results
    • Capture, save, process, and share images with included Orion Camera Studio software download
    • Includes 10' USB cable and a 10' 12V auto-lighter socket power cable

    Our fourth generation StarShoot Imaging Camera features an impressive CCD chip sensor and highly efficient cooling systems to help you capture amazing astrophotos.

    Orion StarShoot G4 cameras are some of the "coolest" 16 bit imaging devices available at this price range - literally! Regulated thermoelectric cooling (TEC) keeps each camera at least 20 below ambient temperature to eliminate noise for accurate dark frame acquisition and efficient image capture. Thanks to regulated TEC, StarShoot G4 cameras make it easy to match dark frames night to night, and even hour to hour, for impeccable results. Each G4 camera is equipped with a vibration-free fan to further optimize cooling performance. 

    The StarShoot G4 Monochrome Camera is built around the 1/2" format Sony ICX829ALA monochrome CCD sensor, which boasts a 752 x 582 pixel array with sensitive, 8.6 micron by 8.3 micron pixels to detect and capture detailed features of deep space objects. Such large, 1/2" format CCD sensors aren't usually available in cameras priced as low as the Orion StarShoot G4, and the big chip provides a much larger imaging field of view than cameras equipped with 1/3" format sensors so you can shoot more sky in less time.

    Since it features a highly sensitive monochrome imaging CCD chip, the StarShoot G4 Monochrome Deep Space Imaging Camera is capable of performing advanced tri-color imaging techniques when used with LRGB or narrowband astrophotography filters. Using a monochrome astrophotography camera gives you complete control over which light wavelengths to accentuate to create vibrantly colored astrophotos of interesting deep space phenonema.

    Highly efficient StarShoot G4 cameras can download a full-frame image in just 1.5 seconds, and subframe capability provides even speedier downloads. With an exposure range of 0.01 seconds to 60 minutes, StarShoot G4 cameras are capable of capturing lengthy exposures of faint deep space objects as well as swift snapshots of the Moon and planets during the same imaging session.

    A download insert for complete Orion Camera Studio astrophotography imaging software is included with each StarShoot G4. Orion Camera Studio makes it easy to control image capture, save, process, and share images. Included software is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10 Operating Systems. ASCOM drivers are included. Versatile StarShoot G4 cameras can also be used for autoguiding.

    The compact StarShoot G4 camera body measures just 2.68" x 2.75" x 3.63" and features a built-in 2" nosepiece and T-threads as well as a 1.25" adapter for easy attachment to a variety of imaging telescopes and astrophotography accessories. Includes a 10' USB cable and a 10' 12V auto-lighter socket power cable.


    Limited Warranty against defects in materials or workmanship for one year from date of purchase. This warranty is for the benefit of the original retail purchaser only. For complete warranty details contact us at sales-eu@telescope.com

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  • Specs
    • Best for imaging:
      Deep sky
    • Imaging sensor:
      Sony ICX829ALA
    • Imaging sensor size:
      7.4mm x 5.95mm
    • Pixel array:
      752 x 582 (437,664 total)
    • Pixel size:
      8.6 x 8.3
    • Imaging chip:
    • Autoguider capability:
    • Exposure range:
      0.01 seconds to 60 minutes
    • A/D conversion:
      16 bit
    • Thermoelectric cooling:
    • IR filter:
    • Mounting:
      1,25" nozzle, 2" nozzle or t-thread
    • USB connection:
      High-speed 2.0
    • Software compatibility:
      Windows 7 64-bit/8/10
    • Full well capacity:
      50000 e-
    • Read noise (RMS):
      7 e-
    • Gain:
      0,79 e- per ADU
    • Binning:
      1x1, 2x2
    • Max cooling:
      -20C from ambient
    • Full frame download time:
      2 sec
    • Backfocus distance (from T-threads):
      18,20 mm
    • Weight (g):
      560 g
    • Additional included accessories:
    • Other features:
    • Warranty:
      One year
  • In The Box

    Orion StarShoot G4 Monochrome Deep Space Imaging Camera
    10' USB cable
    10' 12V DC power cable
    Orion Camera Studio software download card

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