Orion StarSeeker IV 150mm GoTo Mak-Cass with Controller
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This big, yet compact GoTo 150mm-aperture Mak-Cass collects a ton of light with its 5.9" objective lens, and its extra-long f/12 optics provide exceptional views of the planets, Mo...
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This big, yet compact GoTo 150mm-aperture Mak-Cass collects a ton of light with its 5.9" objective lens, and its extra-long f/12 optics provide exceptional views of the planets, Moon and deep-sky gems. Included eyepieces provide 78x and 180x views.
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  • More Info
    • This big, 5.9" diameter GoTo Mak-Cass boasts a super-long 1800mm focal length and f/12 focal ratio to provide exceptional, high-resolution views of the Moon, planets, and deep-sky objects
    • Huge GoTo database of over 42,000 objects, and handy built-in Tour mode means you'll enjoy great views on any clear night
    • Once aligned, dual optical encoders on both axes of motion allow manual aiming of the telescope without losing GoTo alignment
    • After an object is selected, the StarSeeker IV 150mm locates and tracks it automatically so you can relax and enjoy the view
    • Includes GoTo hand controller, 23mm (78x) and 10mm (180x) wide field 60-degree eyepieces, 90-degree diagonal, 2" visual-back, EZ Finder II sight, DeepMap 600, MoonMap 260, and more
  • Specs
    • Best for viewing:
      Brighter deep sky
    • Best for imaging:
      Lunar & planetary
    • User level:
    • Optical design:
    • Optical diameter:
      150 mm
    • Focal length:
      1800 mm
    • Focal ratio:
    • Eyepieces:
      3-Element 23,0 mm,10,0 mm (1,25")
    • Magnification with included eyepieces:
      78 x, 180 x
    • Resolving power:
      0,78 arc*sec
    • Lowest useful magnification:
      51 x
    • Highest useful magnification:
      300 x
    • Highest theoretical magnification:
      300 x
    • Limiting stellar magnitude:
    • Optical quality:
      Diffraction limited
    • Finder scope:
      EZ Finder II
    • Focuser:
    • Diagonal degrees:
      1,25" 90° Mirror Star
    • Secondary mirror obstruction:
      47 mm
    • Secondary mirror obstruction by diameter:
      31 %
    • Secondary mirror obstruction by area:
      10 %
    • Mount type:
    • Astro-imaging capability:
      Lunar & planetary
    • Computerized compatibility:
      Go-To included
    • Number of objects in database:
    • Tracking rates:
      Sidereal, Solar and Lunar
    • Power requirement:
      8-AA batteries or 12-volt DC
    • Tube material:
    • Tripod material:
    • Tripod leg diameter:
      31,75 mm
    • Length of optical tube:
      45,0 cm
    • Weight, optical tube:
      5,5 kg
    • Weight, fully assembled:
      11,8 kg
    • Additional included accessories:
      2" visual back accepts 2" or 1.25" accessories, Front dust cover, Dovetail mounting rail
    • Other features:
      Dual encoders on each axis allow manual GoTo, INternet upgradeable hand controller, Internal battery compartment
    • Warranty:
      One year
  • In The Box

    Orion StarSeeker IV 150mm f/12 Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope optical tube assembly
    StarSeeker IV GoTo Altazimuth Mount and Tripod
    Orion AZ/EQ Computerized GoTo Hand Controller (Synscan)
    Orion EZ Finder II reflex sight
    23mm wide-field 60 AFOV eyepiece, 1.25"
    10mm wide-field 60 AFOV eyepiece, 1.25"
    1.25" Star diagonal
    Accessory tray
    2" - 1.25" telescope eyepiece adapter
    12V DC power cable (auto lighter plug to 2.1/5.5mm plug)
    Hand controller holder bracket and strap
    Quick-collimation cap
    DeepMap 600
    MoonMap 260
    Liquid-filled compass

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