Orion CT80 80mm Compact Refractor Telescope Optical Tube
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The fully coated Orion CT80 refractor is a compact, 80mm aperture telescope optical tube that delivers bright, wide-field views. Great for use as a guide scope, or for daytime viewing and stargazing. All accessories sold separately.
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    • Portable 80mm, f/5 refractor telescope optical tube at a great price
    • Pop it on your favorite mount or use it as a guide scope for astrophotography
    • Newly upgraded aluminum rack-and-pinion focuser eliminates drawtube flexure when focusing
    • Wide field-of-view optics excel at guide star acquisition as well as expansive celestial and terrestrial observations
    • Compact and versatile telescope weighs just 2.25 lbs. and measures 14.75" long

    In case you already have a favorite telescope mount or tripod, we offer this affordable optical tube version of the portable Orion CT80 80mm Compact Refractor Telescope without accessories. This versatile refractor excels at wide-field observations day or night, and thanks to the upgraded focuser, can also be used as a precise guide scope for advanced astrophotography pursuits.
    When attached to a tripod or equatorial mount and equipped with an optional mirror diagonal and eyepiece, the Orion CT80 becomes a pleasantly portable rich-field star probe that delivers bright, wide-field views. The CT80 telescope's fully coated 80mm objective lens and 400mm focal length makes it a perfect telescope for scanning vast expanses of night sky. Internal baffles help eliminate off-axis reflections and optimize contrast. The Orion CT80 Refractor Telescope Optical Tube reels in brighter deep-sky objects for you to explore and also provides great views of solar system targets like Saturn, Jupiter, and the Moon.

    For observing terrestrial targets, just add a correct-image diagonal, your favorite telescope eyepieces and a finder scope or reflex sight and you're ready for daytime visual adventures. Thanks to its compact design, the CT80 Refractor is easy to bring along on road trips, family campouts, and wherever adventure takes you. 

    The CT80 Compact Refractor Optical Tube is a great telescope to use as a dedicated guide scope for guided astrophotography pursuits. The fast f/5.0 optical tube provides a very wide field-of-view, which makes guide star acquisition a breeze, even under light-polluted skies. A featherweight contender weighing in at a mere 2.25 lbs., the CT80 Refractor Optical Tube can be added to virtually any astrophotography set-up without exceeding your imaging-capable equatorial (EQ) mount's payload capacity.

    A narrow Vixen-style dovetail mounting bar along the bottom of the CT80 optical tube includes threaded "-20 sockets for secure attachment of the telescope to a wide variety of mounts and tripods. The metal 1.25" focuser of the CT80 Refractor features a handy focus lock knob and is compatible with any 1.25" mirror or prism diagonal and 1.25" sized telescope eyepieces. You can add an optional finder scope or reflex sight to the CT80 easily thanks to a built-in dovetail finder scope base that's compatible with any Orion aiming device.

    Get the versatile, fully coated Orion CT80 Refractor Telescope Optical Tube today!

    Sold as Optical Tube only. All accessories sold separately.


    Limited Warranty against defects in materials or workmanship for one year from date of purchase. This warranty is for the benefit of the original retail purchaser only. For complete warranty details contact us at sales-eu@telescope.com

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  • Specs
    • Best for viewing:
      Lunar & planetary
    • Best for imaging:
      Lunar, planetary & terrestrial
    • User level:
    • Optical design:
    • Optical diameter:
      80 mm
    • Focal length:
      400 mm
    • Focal ratio:
    • Coatings:
      Fully coated
    • Glass material:
    • Resolving power:
      1,45 arc*sec
    • Lowest useful magnification:
      11 x
    • Highest useful magnification:
      160 x
    • Highest theoretical magnification:
      160 x
    • Limiting stellar magnitude:
    • Focuser:
      1,25" Rack-and-pinion
    • Mount type:
      Optical Tube without Mount
    • Astro-imaging capability:
      Lunar, planetary & terrestrial
    • Tube material:
    • Length of optical tube:
      37,3 cm
    • Weight, optical tube:
      1,0 kg
    • Additional included accessories:
      Attached Vixen-style dovetail mounting bar
    • Other features:
    • Warranty:
      One year
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    Orion CT80 80mm f/5 Compact Refractor Telescope Optical Tube

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