StarShoot P1 Polar Alignment Camera with Sirius Adapter
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The Orion StarShoot P1 Polar Alignment Camera provides an easy and foolproof method to align your Orion Sirius mount. Forget about kneeling down in the dirt, staring through a polar finder - let the P1 align your mount fast and accurately.
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    • Precise polar alignment in just minutes using the software's simple step by step directions
    • 11x8 degree field of view and pre-focused camera make finding the North or South Pole quick and easy
    • 5 arc-minute rough alignment, and up to 30 arc-seconds precision alignment
    • Compatible with the Orion Sirius mount using the included mount adapter
    • Weighs just 4 oz., and is powered through the included USB cable.

    Let's face it - polar aligning your EQ telescope mount is a real pain to do. Even with a built in polar scope, you need to rotate the optical tube to open up the polar axis hole, kneel down in the dirt, and squint through that tiny eyepiece. And don't even get us started about performing a good declination drift!

    With the Orion StarShoot P1 Polar Alignment Camera, you can forget about all of that! The P1 performs a precise polar alignment in just a few minutes time, with an accuracy of up to 30 arc seconds. Simply attach the P1 to your mount with the included adapter, load up the software on your computer, and follow the easy step by step directions to align your mount faster and easier than ever before. The camera is pre-focused, has an 11x8 degree field of view, and is sensitive enough to easily see Polaris, Sigma Octans, and several stars around the pole. Yes, it works in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres!

    The P1 works by taking a picture of the area around the Pole, and automatically identifying exactly where the Pole is using the star pattern in the image. It also identifies the rotational axis of your mount by asking you to rotate the mount and telescope using the RA buttons on your hand controller, and watching that pattern of stars rotate in the image. It then calculates exactly where in the field of view the pole star should be positioned, displays a small circle, and asks you to position the pole star into that circle using the Latitude and Azimuth adjustments on your equatorial mount. It couldn't be simpler, and you'll have the mount aligned in just a few minutes time.

    This Orion StarShoot P1 Polar Alignment Camera package is compatible with Orion's Sirius EQ-G telescope mount, plus other adapters are available separately. Simply install the adapter from this package to your telescope mount, and you're on your way to the quickest and easiest precision polar alignment you've ever accomplished! Windows 7/8/10 is required.


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  • In The Box

    P1 Camera
    Mount ring section
    Camera ring section
    Adapter ring cap
    Allen wrench
    Thread-on cap
    Thread on lanyard for cap
    Mounting screws for base ring
    USB cable

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